Marlo Lynn Nix Rayne the Raindrop

Welcome to my website!
I'm Marlo Nix, author of Rayne the Raindrop.

     I love to read! I also feel reading is one of the most important things families can do together. Not only do you take in knowledge about a subject but it also helps you become a better reader no matter what age you are.

     Reading is especially important for children because it dramatically affects their future. It helps them not only to develop the skill of reading but also helps enhance their vocabulary and strengthens their desire to read.

      Reading aloud can make the experience even more beneficial. It helps children to know how to express proper grammar and phrasing. At home, reading aloud strengthens the bonds between a parent and child or a grandparent and grandchild. At school, reading aloud brings children together for a positive learning experience.

     The joy of reading has helped me to appreciate the work of writers and has made me want to share in the encouraging work that they do. My hope is that my publications will help children not only learn about their environment but also help bring families and classrooms together.


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